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Plastic Happy Cards

Multi Store Cards

Happy Cards are sold as plastic gift cards, in a variety of themes to suit the recipient or occasion.

Plastic Happy Cards can be used in-store at any of the merchants on the card. ​Online redemptions may not be available for all merchants. If the merchant accepts our Happy Card as a form of payment on their website, please ensure the current balance of the Happy Card is enough for the entire purchase as most online merchants cannot accept the combination of a Happy Card and a Credit Card.

To redeem, or use, your plastic Happy Card in store, visit a brand featured on the front of your card and ask your cashier to run your Happy Card as credit.

If your purchase amount is greater than your Happy Card Balance, simply ask your cashier to split tender. You will need to provide the plastic Happy Card as your first method of payment and advise how much balance is available. Then, you will need to pay the remaining balance with another method of payment – cash, check, credit card or debit card.

Paper Happy Cards & Happy EGift Cards – Redeem Online First

So, what is a paper Happy Card or Happy eGift Card, anyway? And why isn’t there a plastic gift card?

Paper Happy Cards and Happy eGift cards give you freedom of choice plus the flexibility to shop in store or online, where available. Online exchange is required. Exchange your card online at for Merchant eGift Card(s) from one or more participating brands featured on your card. Once your Card has been exchanged, please refer to the redemption instructions and Terms & Conditions of the specific Merchant eGift Card(s) delivered to the email address provided during checkout for balance check, redemption instructions, and general inquires.

Since these Happy Cards are your ticket to picking out the eGifts you love, no plastic card is needed.

For more details, go to:

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Redeeming your Happy Cards & Happy eGift Cards is Easy!

  1. Click on the Redeem Now Button
  2. On the next page, enter your card number and pin
  3. Divide your gift funds as you wish, between the brands featured on your Happy Card
  4. Receive eGifts for your selected brands in your email

Dividing Your Happy Funds and Receiving Your Selected eGift Cards

Happy Cards give you freedom of choice. When you redeem at, you can divide the gift amount between any of the featured brands.

For example, let’s say you have a $50 Happy You eGift Card. You can use $25 at Ulta, $10 at Dave and Buster’s, and $15 at GameStop. Please note – The minimum and maximum values vary by brand.

Make your selection and complete the process. You’ll receive emails from each brand you chose with an eGift card for the amount you entered. Then it’s happy shopping!

Where Can Paper Happy Cards and Happy eGift Cards Be Used?

You can redeem your paper Happy Card and Happy eGift Card funds for any of the brands on the card. Before shopping, go to to finish the redemption process.

The eGift card you receive during the redemption process from each brand can be used in-store or online, depending on the merchant. Make sure you check each merchant’s redemption instructions so you know how the eGift card can be used.