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Thoughtful Thank You Gift Ideas for Every Budget

When someone does something nice for you, you want to express your appreciation in a genuine way. We found ten thank you gift ideas that will help you say ‘thank you’ in a way your recipient will appreciate. These gifts fit a variety of budgets, so even if you need an inexpensive thank you gift, you’ll find something here that’s thoughtful and genuine.

1. Box of Chocolate

godiva chocolate gift basket

A box of chocolate is a classic thank you gift that almost everyone will enjoy. Godiva makes this super-easy with their assorted boxes. If you need an inexpensive thank you gift, you can get a 4-piece box from their Gold Collection for $10. If you have a little more to spend, their Signature Chocolate Basket is a beautiful gift.

2. Gift Card

Happy To Say Thanks Swap Gift Card

The Happy to Say Thanks Card is a multi-store gift card, so your recipient has several options; it’s redeemed online and can be used for online shopping; and it’s sent virtually, so your recipient will get it the same day you send it.

There are plenty of options on this gift card. In fact, many of the gifts on this list can be bought at the retailers featured on the card. There’s something for everyone!

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3. Flowers or a Plant

brussels pink satsuki azeala bonzai plant

Flowers can say so many things. The right flower or plant can show how much you appreciate what someone did for you. Rather than picking up a simple bouquet at your local grocery store, take some time to get a flowering plant in a decorative pot. Lowe’s has several options, depending on your budget. You can even buy one online and have it delivered! This 6-inch Brussel’s Pink Satsuki Azalea Bonsai is less than $30.

4. Crystal Jewelry

swarovski givenchy crystal bracelet

Nothing says ‘thank you’ like putting a little sparkle on a woman’s wrist. There are jewelry options for almost any budget. You can get a set of earrings or a necklace, or you can go for high-end fine jewelry or sterling silver. We found a Swarovski bracelet at Macy’s for under $50 that comes in rose gold, gold or silver. For a personalized gift, we found a silver-plated bracelet with a monogramed initial.

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5. Cuff Links

perry ellis cuff links tie clip set

A guy with style will probably appreciate a nice set of cuff links. If you want to play it safe with the style, get a classic set like this Perry Ellis cuff links and tie bar set from Macy’s. If you know a little more about the person, you can personalize the gift. For example, for golfers, get this golf bag cuff link set by Rhona Sutton.

6. Perfume Gift Set

clinque a little happiness gift set

Give her happy scents with a perfume gift set. Ulta has tons of these to fit any budget, so you have plenty of options. Their A Little Happiness Set comes with three small bottles of Clinique Happy perfume in a giftable box for less than $20. If your ‘thank you’ needs to be a little bigger, check out the Dolce & Gabbana Light Blue for Women Gift Set. It comes with a bottle and travel spray of Light Blue Eau de Toilette, one of the most popular women’s perfumes.

7. Engraved Pen

Cross Calais Satin Chrome Ballpoint pen gift set

Another classic gift, a custom engraved pen gives the recipient a luxury writing tool as well as a stylish desk accessory. Cross makes a variety of pens in different styles, colors and prices. Their Beverly Rollerball Pen is a great thank you gift idea. It comes in six different finishes, including classic colors like Black Lacquer, Blue Cobalt and Pearlescent White. You can add engraving and gift wrapping, making it a simple but elegant gift.

8. Bottle of Wine

Bonus points if you know what your recipient’s favorite wine is. A bottle of wine is an easy thank you gift because all you have to do is stop at a liquor store and pick up a bottle. You don’t even have to wrap it if you don’t want to. Tie a ribbon around the bottle or just hand it to the person the next time you see them. They’ll appreciate being able to relax with a glass of their favorite wine.

9. Sports Team Apparel

green bay packers alissa milano shirt

If you know your recipient pretty well and know they’re a sports fan, a t-shirt, hat or jersey for their favorite athlete is probably on their wish list. has apparel, accessories and authentic jerseys for almost every professional league, including the NBA, NFL, MLB and others. If you don’t know who their favorite team or player is, the aforementioned Happy to Say Thanks Card can be used at

10. Grilling Tools

15-piece grilling tools set

You can buy a tool set with everything they’ll need for Sunday tailgating, or you can buy smaller items like a personalized apron or a branding iron. Your local Lowe’s has tons of products to choose from, so you can pick up a quick gift in no time. They have a 20-piece stainless steel grilling tool set for under 15 bucks. You can find nicer sets with an aluminum storage case, if your budget is a little bigger.

It can be hard to find a way to say ‘thank you’ when someone has been kind to you. Sometimes it feels like you could never express enough gratitude for what they did. These thank you gift ideas are a good start, and your recipient will appreciate the gesture. If you can’t decide on a product or don’t know for sure what your recipient will like, a multi-store gift card might be best choice. They can use it to buy whatever they want – something they’ll be thanking you for!

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