Most Popular Women’s Perfume That Will Make You Feel Beautiful and Confident

Most Popular Women's Perfume

Spritzing on perfume before a big night out or even before work can make you feel happy, confident and ready for anything. But finding the best perfume can be intimidating. There are so many women’s perfumes to choose from! And some of them are pricey. You might wonder how they differ, what the different scents are and how to find a scent that suits you.

Here at Happy Cards, we want to help you feel, well, happy! We’ve compiled the most popular women’s perfumes. This list will help you get started on your beauty adventure! And if you’re shopping for a gift for a beauty queen, check out our gift guide for makeup lovers.

First, let’s cover the basics of all the scents that make up a perfume and how to choose a perfume that you like.

How to Choose a Perfume

Choosing the best perfume can be tricky. It helps to understand the three different scents or notes, that make up the perfume. Let’s take a look at each one.

Top note — You’ll detect this scent the moment you apply the perfume. Some of the best perfume scents use top notes of citrus, summer, wood, spice or floral aromas.

Middle notes — Sometimes called the heart notes, middle notes make up part of the perfume’s actual scent. Spicy scents such as coriander, nutmeg, neroli, ylang-ylang and lemongrass as well as some floral scents make up the middle notes. These linger once the top note has faded.

Base note — This is the perfume’s true scent. The base note will emerge after an hour or so. Common base notes in popular women’s perfume include vanilla, amber, honey and cedar. In most women’s perfumes, the base note lasts four to six hours.

To choose the best perfume for you, think about scents you love and find one with similar elements. Love the scent of fresh citrus? Roses? Vanilla? Some of the most popular women’s perfumes contain these notes.

If you have the opportunity, try the perfume on and wait a few hours for it to reveal its base notes.

Now that you understand each part of a perfume’s scent, pay attention to the elements of each perfume. Remember, each note plays a role and can change the perfume’s scent over time.

Most Popular Perfumes for Women

The best perfume is the one that suits your preferences and makes you feel good. These are the most popular women’s perfumes, so there’s probably one here that you’ll like, too. You can find all of these perfumes at Macy’s, Ulta and Sephora.

Ralph Lauren Woman Eau de Parfum

Ralph Lauren For Women Eau De Parfum Spray

This Allure Best of Beauty award winner for 2018 is a classic scent. Following in the steps of Ralph Lauren’s distinctive style, this perfume combines floral and woodsy notes for a feminine yet powerful fragrance. Ralph Lauren Woman Eau de Parfum is the ideal complement for your workday wardrobe. It’s also the perfect scent when you’re dressed for dinner with friends or enjoying an evening on the town.

Dolce & Gabbana Light Blue


Dolce & Gabbana Light Blue whisks you away to carefree days on the Mediterranean Sea in Italy. Even the bottle is smooth and flowing, like the calm waters of the sea.

Envision Sicilian cedar combined with fresh green apples and bluebell flowers. The perfume has top notes of woody bamboo that fade to jasmine and white rose. D&G Light Blue is fun, spirited and entrancing.

Best of all, this set from Macy’s packs a lot of value. The set includes a 3 oz. eau de toilette to keep at home, a tube of body cream for your bag or purse and a small bottle of travel spray. You’ll always have this refreshing scent on hand!

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Philosophy Amazing Grace

Philosophy Amazing Grace Eau de Parfum

Amazing Grace is the most popular women’s perfume from Philosophy. The light, feminine scent isn’t too strong and suits almost any outing.

Amazing Grace is clean and refreshing. It has a top note of flowery bergamot, with middle notes of muguet blossoms. These blend into a long-lasting musk that is gentle and expressive.

J’Adore Dior

You’ll fall in love with this perfume from Christian Dior. J’Adore Dior Eau de Parfum spray offers a distinctive and feminine scent. This perfume is flirty and fun and combines classic aromas with surprising florals for a unique scent that could become your trademark fragrance.

Beginning with top notes of ylang-ylang to excite the senses, the perfume also has fragrances of Damascena Rose and Grasse Jasmine as bottom notes.

This perfume is an excellent choice for date night, a special event or just about any day.

Clinique Happy

Clinique Eau de Parfum

We admit that we love the name of this best-selling perfume. With a top note of ruby red grapefruit that fades into floral scents, Clinique Happy might be the most uplifting fragrance on our list.

This is Clinique’s best-selling women’s fragrance and for good reason. The fragrance reminds us of spring and summer days, vibrant laughter and aromatic flowers. It appeals to the softer side of women. Base notes of Hawaiian wedding flowers and spring mimosas create a long-lasting fragrance that makes almost anyone smile.

Bonus Selection: Sephora Perfume Sampler Set


Can’t decide on a fragrance? You don’t have to choose just one with the Sephora Perfume Sampler Set. This kit contains 13 samples of perfume in small spray bottles. Once you’ve tried them all and found your favorite, redeem the included coupon for a free, full-size bottle of any fragrance in the kit. The kit includes popular women’s perfumes like Dolce & Gabbana Light Blue, Tory Burch Signature and Clean Reserve Solar Bloom.

Giving Perfume As a Gift

If you came here looking for the best perfume to give as a gift, any one of these perfumes are a great option. If you’re still not sure, it might be easier to give a gift card so your recipient can choose her favorite perfume. For example, a Happy Her gift card can be used at Ulta, Sephora and Macy’s.

Buying perfume for yourself or someone else doesn’t have to be difficult. Follow these tips and suggestions and you’ll be able to choose from the most popular women’s perfumes available.

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