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10 Stunning Wedding Anniversary Gifts That Will Remind Your Spouse Why They Said ‘I Do’

A couple’s wedding anniversary is a statement of the strength of their love. As the years go on, each anniversary shows how their relationship can get past any problem that comes their way. It makes sense that you’d want to give an anniversary gift that truly celebrates your love. Here are the best wedding anniversary gifts you can give your loved one on your special day. These gifts are thoughtful, unique and personalized. We’ve included gifts for husbands and wives, plus gifts that you both can enjoy together.

Best Anniversary Gifts for Your Spouse

1. A Journal Full of Memories

love in progress book
Love In Progress Journal

Listing the best memories you have with your partner in a journal is a meaningful way to tell them you love them. This shows them you have nothing but positive thoughts and memories in your mind about your relationship. It’s also a unique way to remind them of the best things you’ve done as a couple.

A love journal shows your spouse you listen to them. Including things that you find sweet about your partner says that you love them for who they are. Showing that you pay attention and notice all the small things is a romantic gesture that will make your anniversary special.

2. Engraved Wooden Watch

jord engraved wood watch
Custom wood watch engraved by JORD

Your husband may not show it, but some men have a certain attraction to watches that they can’t deny. If you want this gift to be more special, engrave the watch with a custom message.

Giving him a unique watch can surprise him even if he already has one. This makes an engraved wooden watch a great anniversary gift for him.

Wooden watches are trending today because of their unique design. Engraving one with a meaningful message will make this gift extra personal.

3. Hand Casting Kit

hand cast couple
Luna Bean Keepsake Hands Plaster Statue Kit

Hand-casting can be an exciting activity for you and your partner. It can also become a reminder of your bond as a couple since the cast will preserve the looks of your youthful hands even as you age.

The cast will serve as a special centerpiece and can become a unique conversation starter for whoever visits your home.

4. Ever-Lasting Anniversary Rose

everlasting forever rose
Everlasting Rose

An ever-lasting rose is a symbol of the strong bond that you and your partner keep going through the years. For each anniversary milestone, get an ever-lasting rose. These roses are freshly picked and preserved in a solution of natural oils and other substances. When kept sealed in the included case, the rose can last for 10 or more years!

This is a beautiful gift that will be enjoyed for years.

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5. Customized Diamond Ring

yellow diamond rings

Jewelry is a beloved anniversary gift for many people. Among the most popular pieces of jewelry to give are diamond rings. They look beautiful and everyone knows their value.

You can make this gift even better by giving customized diamond rings. This is a good idea if you and your partner are into couple-themed gifts. You can have a unique design for each ring or you can have a message engraved on it.

An anniversary ring can also serve as an upgrade to your wedding rings. It can start a tradition where you renew your rings and vows every anniversary.

6. Personalized Wine Box

custom wine photo box
Anniversary Wine Box by Artificer Woodworks

If your partner is a wine enthusiast, then a personalized wine box is a perfect gift. The beauty of a personalized wine box is that you can customize it to fit your partner.

You can have drawers installed to separate the drinks they’ll have at different times. You can have a message written on the box for your partner to read every time they reach for a drink. The possibilities are endless, and it all depends on how well you know your partner.

While we’re talking about wine, you might as well get matching wine glasses, too. It’s relaxing to enjoy wine in the company of your partner.

7. Custom Oil Painting of You as a Couple

painting of couple on beach
Custom Handmade Couples Portrait by Paint Your Life

If your partner appreciates art, then have a photo of you two together made into a painting or drawing. A custom oil painting of you and your partner together is better than a photograph because of how much work and effort goes into making a beautiful oil painting.

Even if you hire an expert to do it for you, your partner will still love it. The painting will become a great focal point in your home, too. 

8. BBQ Briefcase

grilling bbq set
BBQ Briefcase

Does your partner love barbecue parties? If so, then a BBQ briefcase is the perfect gift to give them on your anniversary!

This kit comes with cutlery and a set of tools and even has a compartment to store recipes or a handkerchief while cooking.

9. Bond Touch Bracelets

bond bracelet and mobile app
Bond Touch Bracelet and Mobile App

Bond bracelets allow you to be close to your loved one, even when you’re apart. The bracelets come in sets of 2 and are connected to each other through the Bond mobile app. No matter where you are, you can send a message to your partner by tapping the bracelet. Within seconds, your partner’s bracelet will light up replay your pattern. It’s like romantic Morse code!

10. Tickets to a Once in a Lifetime Event

people at concert

What’s a great gift for a person who has everything? An experience that they will always remember! This is a perfect gift if you and your partner are always looking for new experiences.

An experience or travel gift can be better than a physical gift on your anniversary because new experiences will leave lasting memories.

You can take your partner mountain climbing or skydiving – the possibilities are endless! And you can add new experiences for each anniversary.

Stun Your Partner with the Best Anniversary Gifts Today

Make your anniversary memorable with one of these anniversary gifts. If you’re not exactly sure what to get or if you want to give more than one gift, consider a multi-store gift card like the Happy Moments or Happy You gift cards.

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Whatever gift you give, give it with love. When celebrating relationship milestones, taking the time to show you care goes a long way.

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