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Christmas Gifts for Teen Boys: 11 Gifts He’ll Actually Think Are Cool

Buying gifts can already be a daunting task, but buying gifts for teenage boys might seem downright impossible. But you don’t need to be able to read his mind to get him a great gift (though that would definitely help!). This gift guide has some of the best Christmas gift ideas for teen boys. Whether your teen spends all his time outdoors, playing video games or hanging out with friends, we’ve got you covered. We compiled the best Christmas gifts for any boy and any budget.

1.Gift Card

If you’re having a hard time finding a good Christmas gift for your teen boy, cover all your bases and give him a Happy Card gift card! The Happy Teen Gift Card is a great choice for every personality. Whether he wants athletic gear or the newest manga, this gift card has something for everyone. Your teen can redeem card at a variety of stores including American Eagle, Under Armour, Barnes & Noble, Sephora and more.

If you need something you can send virtually, check out the Happy Holidays Card. It’s redeemed online for eGift cards that can be used for online shopping. Almost all the gifts on this list can be found at one of the retailers on these gift cards, so you know he’ll be able to find something good!

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2. Gaming Chair

respawn gaming chair black and red

If your teen logs a lot of time in Fortnite or Overwatch, he’s definitely used to sitting in the same chair for hours on end. A gaming chair, like this model by Respawn, can make a world of a difference and help avoid future back problems. If you need something last-minute that you can pick up today, get the Victorage racing style gaming chair at GameStop.

3. Trendy Joggers

american eagle 24/7 joggers in green

A modern take on classic comfort, joggers are a must in any teen boy’s closet. This versatile fashion staple can worn around the house or to sports practice or can be paired with a t-shirt for hanging out with friends. American Eagle joggers are on-trend and super comfy, so gifting a pair (or two!) will definitely get you “cool points” with your teen.

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4. GoPro Camera

gopro hero9 black

With a GoPro Hero, he can capture all his adventures. With built-in camera modes like slo-mo and timewarp, his masterpiece is a click away. GoPros are known for their durability, so they’ll survive any drop or splash. With video stabilization, each shot will turn out smooth, even on the bumpiest trail. The GoPro Hero9 records in 5k resolution and will last for years. If you need a more budget-friendly option, the GoPro Hero7 still has many of the iconic Go Pro features.

5. Blue Light Blocking Glasses

GUNNAR Cruz Onyx Gaming Glasses

Teens spend a lot of time in front of electronic devices. Remote learning on their laptops, gaming on their computers and scrolling through Instagram on their phones can take a toll. The blue light emitted from these screens may contribute to eye strain and cause difficulty sleeping. A gift to help reduce the stress from increased screen time is a pair of blue light blocking glasses. These Gunnar Cruz Gaming Glasses block all that UV light from electronic devices. (And don’t worry about the “gaming glasses” name. Teens use these for any sort of digital browsing.)

6. Funko Pop

funko pop stranger things eleven

Whatever your teen is into, there is likely to be a Funko Pop of it. The hippest new trend in collectibles, Funko Pops are fun figurines of iconic heroes, villains, athletes, musicians and more. Whether a collector or a casual fan, there is definitely a Pop that is meaningful to your teen’s interests. Find his favorite basketball player or remind him of your shared love of Lord of the Rings. A great place to get started browsing is Barnes & Noble. They have a great selection of bestsellers and some highly sought after exclusives.

If you need more inexpensive gift ideas like this one, check out our budget gift guide with over 40 gift ideas under $50.

7. Sports Jersey

kansas city chiefs custom jersey

A jersey of your teen’s favorite professional athlete is a classic gift that will never go out of style. Fanatics has hundreds of teams to choose from across the NFL, MLB, NCAA, NBA, esports and more. You can get a jersey for his favorite player or a custom jersey with his name on it.

And if you’re shopping for a hard core sports fan, check out our gift guide for sports fans.

8. LED Light Strips

insignia 8-foot LED light strip

LED light strips are very trendy right now, making them a cool Christmas gift for teen boys. A lighting strip can be customized to provide the best lighting for gaming, studying or getting ready for sleep. Or he can choose his favorite color to match his style! This 192-inch LED light strip from Armacast comes with a remote to customize the light with over 20 preset color.

9. Grooming Products

bleau de chanel
jack black all over wash

Whether he’s already building a routine or he needs a little help getting started, grooming products are a great gift for boys. The All-Over Wash from Jack Black is a great step into luxury products if your teen is unfamiliar with the concept of separate bottles for shampoo and body wash. If he’s ready to start dressing up for girls, give him a classic cologne, like Bleu de Chanel.

10. Fleece Bucket Hat

h&m black fleece bucket hat

Bucket hats are back in style. Your teen’s FYP (“For you page”) on Tik Tok is full of influencers in bucket hats doing the newest viral dance trend. If none of that made sense to you, just trust us when we say that bucket hats are the fashion accessory of the season. H&M has this cozy fleece hat that’s the perfect balance between trendy streetwear and warm winter headgear. If you’re not sure what color or pattern he prefers, a gift card he can use to pick out his own might be better. (Another reason why a Happy Card is such a great gift.)

11. Shoe Cleaning Kit

alfani shoe cleaning kit

If your teen is a sneakerhead, you probably already know that he’ll go to great lengths to keep his footwear fresh. Help him put his best foot forward with a shoe cleaning kit. This Alfani shoe cleaning kit has everything he needs to keep his kicks looking like new.

There’s no need to sweat finding a gift for a teen boy. You might not be totally “in touch” with what he’s into, but the gifts on this list will give you some great ideas. If you’re still totally lost, a gift card is probably the best choice. He can use it to buy what he really wants.

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