11 Bridal Spa Treatments and When to Get Them

11 Spa Bridal Beauty Treatments

You’ve pictured your dream wedding day countless times throughout your life, and probably every day since your wedding engagement. We’re willing to bet that in none of those daydreams are of you walking down the aisle looking tired and unkempt. It’s a cruel reality that the stress of wedding planning can take a toll on your appearance leading up to the one day you want to look your best. Fortunately, the world is full of spas that are ready and willing to help.

Not sure where to start or which wedding spa treatments will give you the results you want? Here are some of the most popular bridal spa treatments and some help on when you should book each appointment.

Bridal Spa Treatment Timeline

6 Months Prior

Begin Facial, Massage and Hair Mask Series

Prepare now to look and feel your best on the day of the wedding. A facial and hair mask will revitalize and enhance your skin and hair.

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6 Months Prior
3 Months Prior

Begin Mani/Pedi, Sauna and Hand Skin Care Series

Your hands and skin will be the star of the show! Try different nail styles and pick your favorite for the wedding day. Plus, you’ll have great nails and skin for pre-wedding parties.

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3 Months Prior
1 Month Prior

Microdermabrasion and Begin Eye Mask Series

If you’re not sure how your skin will react to microdermabrasion, get this done a month before the wedding so you don’t have any surprises.

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1 Month Prior
Week Of

Full Body Scrub, Waxing and Body Wrap

Shed a few extra inches and get your skin glowing for the big day. Body scrubs and wraps will get you feeling bright and confident.

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Week Of

When and How Often to Book Your Bridal Spa Treatments

6 Months Prior


Schedule: 6-month series – 1 per month

Your face is going to be the focal point of more pictures than you can count when the big day arrives. You’ll want to look back and see a face that is radiant and joyful.

Facials both give you a chance to relax and to enhance your skin.

Most spas offer several different facials. Many will focus on hydrating and refreshing your skin. Others are all about turning back time on your skin. Make sure you know all your options at your spa before choosing a facial.

Since many facials can make your face pink for a day or two or cause your skin to peel, it’s good to start the treatments as early as possible so you can see how your skin will react and if any changes need to be made to the treatment. 


Schedule: 6-month series – 1 per month

Planning a wedding can be stressful, and that stress can take a toll on your health and your happiness. A regular massage can help you stay relaxed and ready for the next challenge.

Depending on the spa you choose, there could be a dozen options for massages. While deep tissue massage tends to be more focused on athletes, variations like Swedish massage and hot stone massage are especially relaxing. It’s all about your personal preference.

Most spas also let you choose if you want a solo massage or a massage with someone else. You could book a couples massage to reconnect with your fiancé, a group massage to bond with your bridesmaids or get a solo massage to decompress on your own.

Hair Mask

Schedule: 6-month series – 1 per week

A hair mask is a deep treatment that infuses hydration into your hair the same way a face mask revitalizes your skin.

The great thing about a hair mask is that you can have it professionally done or you can choose a DIY option.

Before you jump in, get more information from your spa. Each hair mask is different, so ask what ingredients theirs contains. If you have any chemical treatments, dyes, or bleaches in your hair, ask your hairstylist if the mask will harm your hair. 

3 Months Prior

Manicure and Pedicure

Schedule: 3-month series – 2 per month

On your wedding day, everyone will want to see that beautiful new ring on your finger.

Before that day arrives, manicures and pedicures need to be on your to-do list. A habit of regular appointments a few months in advance will ensure your mani-pedi just before the wedding is minimal and calluses are kept to a minimum.

Those earlier mani-pedis will also give you a chance to try out a few wedding nail styles to see what you like best for the big day. As an added bonus, you’ll look picture-perfect for your bridal shower, bachelorette party and any other pre-wedding events.

Steam Room / Sauna

Schedule: 3-month series – 1 per week

Saunas can be impeccably relaxing and the perfect way to release wedding stress.

As an added bonus, saunas help release water weight through sweating. If you have pre-wedding bloating and you don’t want it to show up in your wedding dress, a weekly sauna session a few months before the big day could be the way to go.

And it can be a great way to spend relaxing time with your loved ones in the midst of the chaos.

Hand Skin Care Treatments

Schedule: 3-month series – 2 per month

Hand close-ups are common in wedding photos. To help your hands look their best, there are plenty of hand treatments you can try. Paraffin wax treatments are popular for smoothing and rejuvenating hands. So are chemical peels and skin masks made for your hands.

1 Month Prior

Eye Mask

Schedule: Test 1-month prior – Daily week of wedding

All those late nights planning the wedding could show up as dark circles or wrinkles around your eyes on the big day.

Rather than hoping your makeup artist can pull off a miracle, take steps before the wedding to revitalize your eyes. Many spas offer eye masks for that specific reason.

Eye masks smooth the skin below your eyes by adding hydration and reducing puffiness.

Test out an eye mask a month before the wedding to make sure you don’t have any unexpected reactions. (The skin around your eyes are more sensitive than the rest of your face.) If everything goes well, add an eye mask treatment to your daily routine the week of the wedding.


Schedule: 1 month prior

With microdermabrasion, an experienced professional uses a specialized wand to scrape away the dead skin cells and debris on top of your skin as well as the surface layer of your skin. Any damage on that surface skin, like sun damage and fine lines, will be gone or minimized.

There are many different methods and types of technology for microdermabrasion, so ask what your spa offers. Keep in mind that most of them will make your skin pink for at least a few hours and some can cause your skin to peel, though. So it’s a good idea to get this treatment done at least a month before the wedding.

Week Of

Full Body Scrub

Schedule: 3 days prior (but before spray tanning)

When brides talk about getting their bodies ready for their wedding day, most are talking about hitting the gym. What about the skin throughout your body, though?

A full body scrub is an exfoliating treatment for your entire body. The scrub gets rid of dead skin cells while also cleansing your skin. As a result, your skin is smoother and softer.

If you plan on getting a spray tan, consider doing a few exfoliating body scrubs in the days leading up to the tanning session. This will help your tan last longer and make it look more even.


Schedule: 3-5 days prior

If you prefer to be without body hair or to have manicured brows, pre-wedding waxing is your best friend.

It’s especially perfect for a wedding because waxing lasts far longer than shaving. If you wax a few days before the wedding, you won’t have to worry about shaving on your honeymoon. 

Body Wrap

Schedule: 3 days prior (but before spray tanning)

If you’re worried about bloating, body wraps can reduce extra bulk. There are a variety of options available, but some of them also help to smooth away cellulite.

Be cautious and do your homework, though. Some body wraps are more effective than others, and you need to keep your expectations reasonable. Remember that the effects are temporary, too, so your spa can help you know how far before your wedding to do a wrap. 

Planning Your Wedding Spa Treatments

The wedding spa treatments above have helped many brides feel their best selves on their wedding days. Though doing all of these may not be necessary or practical for you, consider those that will help you feel relaxed and more in control on your big day.

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