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10 Thoughtful Moving Away Gifts

10 Thoughtful Moving Away Gifts

Sometimes our friends or family members have to make the difficult decision to move away. Leaving loved ones behind can be the hardest part of a move. Say goodbye in the most thoughtful way and show that you’ll cherish them forever by giving a gift that celebrates your friendship. Here are ten thoughtful moving away gifts you can give that will remind them of the good times you had together. 

1. Photo Album of Memories

wood personalized photo album
Our Family Photo Album Personalized Album from Bed Bath & Beyond

Fill a photo album with pictures of you and your friends or family together. You can include photos from past vacations, parties or just fun times. That way, whenever they feel home sick, they can flip through the album and get those warm, fuzzy feelings all over again.

This photo album from Bed Bath & Beyond can be personalized with your friend’s last name and up to 8 lines of text, so you can highlight your favorite memories together.

2. Personalized Mug

home state personalized coffee mug
State of Love Coffee Mug from Bed Bath & Beyond

If your friend is a coffee or tea drinker, give them a mug that’s personalized with their name, the city they’re moving from or a photo of you two together.

You can even put together an entire gift set with a mug, some instant coffee packs, K Cups or tea bags and a coffee shop gift card.  

3. Friendship Bracelets

jessica simpson friendship bracelet
Jessica Simpson Turquoise Stone Friendship Bracelet from Macy’s

No, they’re not just for kids! A fashionable friendship bracelet can show how much you value your relationship. Every time each of you looks at your wrist, you’ll have a sparkly reminder of each other. 

And you don’t have to spend a lot of money. There some exquisite bracelets that are quite pricey. But even something like this Turquoise Stone Friendship Bracelet from Macy’s is classy and shows you care.

4. Weighted Blanket for Comfort

sharper image weighted blanket
Sharper Image® Calming Comfort Weighted Blanket from Bed Bath & Beyond

Getting a good night’s sleep can be difficult in a new and unfamiliar place. A weighted blanket might not seem like the most exciting gift, but when your friend cozies up in their new home with a nice blanket you gave them, it can bring more comfort than you might think.

Bed Bath & Beyond has some great weighted blankets, like this one from Sharper Image. It will help them feel warm and comfortable in their new home.

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5. Coffee Table Books

coffee table with books

Give your friends or family members their first piece of décor for their new home. The great thing about this gift is that you can truly personalize it. There are different kinds of books for each type of person. You can get coffee table books for people who are into fashion, cars, animals, nature or even decor. 

6. Gift Card for Meals

Happy Dining Gift Card

Cooking meals when you’re not even sure where you packed your spatula is not fun.

Why not give a gift card your friends can use for a nice dinner or to cover a few meals in their new home?

If you’re not sure which restaurants will be around their new place, give them a Happy Dining gift card. It can be used at six different restaurants like The Cheesecake Factory and McCormick and Schmick’s, so there’s bound to be one that’s nearby.

They’ll appreciate not having to worry about cooking and cleaning while they’re still getting settled. 

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7. Long Distance Friendship Lamps

brookstone friendship table lamp
Brookstone® Friendship Table Lamps

Friendship lamps are the perfect way to help you and your loved one stay connected even if you no longer live by each other. 

You can get these Brookstone Friendship Table Lamps in a set of two and even connect up to ten lamps together. This way, you and your friends can always stay connected by a single tap on the lamp. 

8. Relaxing Spa Day

woman in white towel receiving spa treatment facial

After all the work of packing, moving and unpacking, your friends might appreciate a relaxing massage. is an easy way to find a spa near their new address. To make it even simpler, you can give them a Spafinder gift card and they can choose which spa to use it at.

9. Local Gym Membership

woman doing exercise inside gym

If your friend loves working out or taking fitness classes, they’ll probably want to maintain their fitness routine even when they move. (Sometimes a routine can help keep you sane amidst the chaos of moving!) Give them a jumpstart in their new city with a membership at a local gym.

Your friend or family member will thank you every time they hit up the gym and are able to get a good workout. 

10. Personalized Pillow or Blanket

If you give a personalized pillow or blanket, there are two ways you can do it. You can use a beautiful photo of your group of friends or family, or you can choose a hilarious or cheesy photo that will make them laugh every time they see it. Either way, this gift will be a great conversation starter for their new friends and will make them smile when they’re using it.

The Most Wanted Moving Away Gifts

Honestly, moving anywhere, whether across the country or across the city, can be expensive. It might be appreciated if you give something that will lighten the load a little. Some of these gift ideas included gift cards. You might also consider the Happy Moments gift card. It can be used at a variety of stores and restaurants, so your friends can get everything they need – décor for their new home, dinner, a new wardrobe or a relaxing movie night.

Happy Moments Gift Card

The best moving away gifts are ones that show how much you value your friendship. These gifts in this list are thoughtful, personalized and even practical. You’ll miss your friends, but they’ll always remember you from these gifts.

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