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10 Gifts for Sports Fans of Every League and Team [Shopping Guide for Non-Sports Fans]

Whether it’s a birthday, anniversary or holiday, knowing what hobbies your recipient is into makes gift-shopping so much easier. You might not be into sports yourself, but if your recipient is and you know what their favorite sport or team is, that’s a good start. Armed with that knowledge, check out these gifts for sports fans. There are options for fans of any major sport – basketball, football, baseball, hockey or soccer.

1. Autographed Memorabilia

lebron james lakers autographed jersey

Getting an autographed ball, jersey or picture of a favorite athlete is pretty much the pinnacle of gifts for a sports fan. And don’t think this gift has to be expensive! Sure, an autographed ball, glove or puck might cost a couple hundred dollars, but has tons of autographed sports memorabilia from past and current stars like Magic Johnson, Chris Paul, Todd Gurley, CeeDee Lamb and Jeff Gordon for under $100.

2. Custom Sports Jersey

kansas city chiefs custom jersey

You could get a jersey of their favorite player, but if you want to go “all out”, order a jersey for their favorite team with their last name printed on it. You can get an official game jersey or a jersey t-shirt, depending on what your budget is. This is a great gift if you know who their favorite team is but not who their favorite player is. They can show their fan pride while looking cool with their own name printed on the back of the jersey.

If you’re on a tight budget, check out our budget gift guide with gifts for everyone for $50, $25 and $10.

3. Gift Card

You might know the person likes sports, but which sport is their favorite? Which team is their favorite? Which player is their favorite? There are so many options! If you feel stuck, a gift card is probably the best choice. The Happy Just Because and Happy You Cards are great gift cards for sports fans. Your recipient can use this gift to buy whatever they want at, GameStop, Lowe’s, Macy’s and other popular brands. All of the gifts on this list can be bought at the stores featured on these cards, but rather than trying to pick out the perfect item yourself, they can pick it themselves!

If you like the idea of a gift card, but don’t think your recipient will like one of these two, you can see other gift card options here.

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4. Sports Video Games

Madden NFL 21 xbox one cover
FIFA 21 playstation 4 cover

Many sports fans also enjoy playing console game versions of their favorite sports. GameStop has all the top games including NBA 2K, FIFA, Madden NFL, MLB The Show and NHL by EA. These are all well-made and popular sports games made by the top game developers. More than 130 million copies of Madden have been sold, and FIFA is popular for even non-soccer fans. Just make sure you get the right version for your recipient’s console and the latest edition for that year.

By the way, if you’re shopping for a teen, we have a whole gift guide for teenagers with ten other ideas they’ll get excited about.

5. Smartwatch Band with Team Logo

apple watch band alabama

If the person you’re shopping for has a smartwatch, get them a watch band styled after their favorite sports team. has Apple Watch bands for every NFL team and several college football teams. They also sell traditional watches for several sports teams. For basketball fans, Macy’s has a series of Tissot watches for several popular NBA teams.

6. Grilling Tools and Accessories

pittsburgh steelers grill tool set

Many die-hard sports fans love getting friends together to watch big games. Chances are they’re going to be grilling something for the party. Help them show their fan spirit with team-branded grilling tools. Lowe’s has some good options, like a stainless steel grill accessory kit and a grill cover that feature NFL and college team logos. For baseball fans, they have tons of tumblers and travel mugs featuring MLB team logos.

7. Car Accessories

chicago blackhawks key

Give them a way to show their team spirit at all times. Gift them a license plate frame featuring their favorite team or an auto sticker of the team logo. For a practical and simple gift, get a blank key with their team’s colors and logo. Lowe’s has keys for just about every NFL, NBA, MLB, NHL and NCAA team.

(This also makes a great housewarming gift. We have a whole other list for that, if you need more ideas.)

8. Funko Pop! Figures

POP WWE Macho Man Randy Savage
POP NBA Golden State Warriors Stephen Curry

Funko Pop! figures are small, collectable vinyl figurines that depiect pop culture icons from movies, television, video games and sports. Some people use them as decoration in their office or game room, and some people collect them. Whatever the case, they make a cute little gift for sports fans. GameStop has Pop figures of players from the most popular professional sports – football, basketball, hockey, wrestling, racing and more. At less than $12 a piece, you can buy one of their favorite player or get the whole team!

9. Office or Game Room Décor

basketball net patent wall art
baseball patent wall art

No game room is complete without classic wall art to show off sports fandom. Art can often be a matter of taste, but there are some easy options you can go with. We found some cool patent designs at Lowe’s that will go with any style. (Here’s an example of a basketball-themed patent design.) For something for a specific team, check out these NFL team street signs or these StadiumViews designs for NFL and NCAA teams. Something classic or team-themed is easy to match with their décor.

10. Activewear

guy with basketball

Your recipient might enjoy playing sports as much as they enjoy watching them. If that’s the case, they’ll appreciate new clothes they can wear while playing or working out. For guys that play basketball, for example, get these basketball shorts or pants and this tank top. For women who are into running or training, get new leggings or a hoodie.

We also have gift guides for men who everything and women who have everything, if you need more inspiration.

If you’re still stuck after these gift ideas, then it’s probably safer to give a gift card. You don’t have to guess who their favorite team or player is, and they can buy whatever they want. Plus, with a Happy Card, they can shop at several popular brands for more selection. It’s a versatile gift for sports fans.

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