10 Best Teacher Appreciation Group Gift Ideas

Great Teacher Appreciation Gifts

Every May in the United States, we celebrate the people who work hard to educate our kids and prepare them for success. Many parents give their kid’s teacher a simple gift to show their appreciation. Often, parents will come together and combine funds for a special gift. If that’s your plan, here are 10 of the best teacher appreciation group gifts. These gifts are practical, genuine and fit the budget of a small group.

Group Gift Ideas for Teacher Appreciation Day

1. Group ‘Thank You’ Video

A simple note or card says a lot, but why not say even more with a video? Get out your smartphone and film each parent and student thanking the teacher for their hard work. If you’re using an iPhone or iPad, you can use iMovie (a free app) to edit the clips together and add music. An unrehearsed and heartfelt message shows the teacher that you genuinely appreciate what they do.

2. Flowers

A basket or bouquet of flowers will brighten up the teacher’s desk and show everyone how much they are appreciated. Companies like 1-800-Flowers make it easy to order a bouquet and have it delivered right to the school office. You can even include a box of chocolates and a card to make it even more special.

3. Spa Day

Teaching can be a stressful job. Give your kid’s teacher a chance to relax with a spa day. You can put together a DIY spa kit with some bath bombs, a pedicure set, candles and snacks, or you can put your money together for a gift card. If you go the gift card route, the Spafinder gift card is your best bet. It can be used at thousands of spas and salons nationwide so you don’t have to guess which spa your teacher prefers or which one is closest to where they live.

4. Coffee or Tea Gift Set

If your child’s teacher is into coffee or tea, then put together a gift set they can enjoy on their next break. Depending on your budget, the kit can include K-Cup pods with their favorite brew, a bag of coffee beans or a box of tea, a novelty mug, a Starbucks gift card, a French press or tea infuser and some snacks to go along with their drink. If your group is large enough, you could all chip in for a new Keurig machine. Wal-Mart has one for less than $60, if your budget stretches that far.

5. Bottle of Wine

We wouldn’t recommend sending this gift with your kid, but if you get a chance to meet with the teacher personally, you or someone from your group can deliver a nice bottle of wine to say ‘Thank you’. Teacher can relax, unwind and enjoy the “fruits” of their labor.

6. Dinner and Movie Gift Set

Give the gift of a night of entertainment with a dinner and movie kit. This can be as simple as a couple of gift cards for a local restaurant and a movie theater, or you can buy a few steaks and a couple of inspirational movies about teaching. Whatever you decide to do, the teacher will probably appreciate a nice meal and a fun night.

7. Digital Membership Gift Card

Here’s a simple gift: Find out your teacher’s favorite digital media service and give them a few months of it for free! Most digital subscription services have gift cards. If the teacher is a music lover, consider a Spotify gift card. If your teacher is into gaming, give a Sony PlayStation or Microsoft Xbox gift card. For teachers who prefer binge-watching their favorite shows, a Hulu or Netflix gift card will be a great option. For bookworms, give an Audible gift card. The possibilities are endless!

If you need some advice, check out this article on how to pick the best streaming gift cards.

8. Classroom Supplies

Sometimes the supplies students bring at the beginning of the year just don’t last. Help your child’s teacher out with some extra classroom supplies. This can include colorful Sharpies, packs of pens and pencils or dry erase markers, or a basket with one of everything! If each group member pitches in one item, you can put together a very helpful gift basket. It might not sound exciting to you, but teachers need all the help they can get with keeping their classroom stocked with the essentials.

9. Inspirational Book

If anyone appreciates the value of reading and learning, it’s got to be a teacher, right? There are many inspiring books for teachers that yours might really enjoy. There are also some funny books about teaching that might give them a much needed laugh. Since this is a group gift, you might consider one from each category or a box of best-sellers they can read in their downtime.

10. Gift card

A gift card is a great gift for when you’re not quite sure what to get but you want to show your appreciation. A good option here is a Happy Card. Each Happy Card can be used at multiple stores so you don’t have to worry about choosing just one brand. A Happy YouHappy MomentsHappy Dining or Happy Beauty gift card offers brands and experiences many teachers will love.

If you want a way to dress up the gift card, use a printable gift card holder with a design made for teachers.

Teacher Appreciation Week is an opportunity to give a small reward to teachers for what they do each day. These ideas make great group gifts for teachers and will show them that what they do is noticed and that their work is valued.

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